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        Painter and arts educator, dividing his time between England and France. He works according to his 'synaesthetics' of places lived, frequented or visited fleetingly. Neither landscapes nor seascapes,the artist calls most of his compositions 'scapes', an anagram of 'spaces'. Much travelled, he has exhibited throughout Europe (London and the north-east of England, also Brussels, Berlin, Metz, Stuttgart, Split...) and non-stop in France. He has work in collections throughout Britain, mainland Europe, Asia and the US.

        Since 2015 in France the artist has been revisiting the motifs of one of his 'mentors' in painting, Claude Monet, but in his constant search for renewal he has abandoned paintbrushes for more contemporary tools; spray cans and markers. There is a 'double lecture' to work; At a distance, there is a classic concordance with the original source, and up-close the surface is littered with the marks, dribbles and scratchings of an urban artist reinterpreting the world.

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