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Deep and vibrant blue funds, sculptural and solitary figures: Evial canvases are home to a world apart, true reflections of their creator's intellect. Sensation painter, his colors invite questioning. A late but passionate practice It was at the age of 35 that Evial began to paint. His first creations aroused real enthusiasm. The artist has the honor of being selected at the Alain Godon trophy in 2012. Evial also perfectly handles subtle references to the great masters of modern art that are Picasso or Chagall, thus producing a cultivated and exciting painting. The expression of a colorful paint Evial's paintings take us into an enigmatic world on the borders of loneliness. A world where dialogue between body and soul becomes more perceptible ... This assertive drawing, in the vicinity of organic sculpture, and these amazing colors excite our imagination. It is thanks to this personal writing that Evial manages to transport us in a surprising poetry of the soul. This is what makes the unique intensity of his painting. Find Evial's interview on Kazoart's blog

Selected Works

Souls Connection #02

Paintings - 92x65 cm

Souls Connection #01

Paintings - 73x54 cm

The soul of a man #15

Paintings - 61x46 cm

S.O.U.L.itude (07)

Paintings - 46x38 cm


Paintings - 92x60 cm


Paintings - 92x60 cm

S.O.U.L.itude (03)

Paintings - 130x97 cm

Le Minotaure 2

Drawings - 42x30 cm

S.O.U.L.itude (01)

Drawings - 42x30 cm

La mort du Minotaure

Drawings - 42x30 cm

Le temps passe, carpe diem

Drawings - 42x30 cm

The demon of war is back

Drawings - 42x30 cm

The soul of a man #14

Paintings - 41x33 cm

Le Minotaure

Drawings - 42x30 cm

Le supplice de Prométhée

Paintings - 130x97 cm

Le courage

Paintings - 61x50 cm

Shark 2

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Shark 1

Paintings - 30x30 cm

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