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Celebrate urban style and satirical messages with our selection of street art collage for sale. While the genre was originally confined to the streets, more and more artists are drawing upon street art as inspiration when working in other mediums. Looking to buy street art collage? You’re in the right place. For inspiration, why not kick things off by having a look at our Street Art Drawings, Street Art Paintings or Street Art Photography.

Alexandra Gallagher is a British collage artist whose work draws inspiration from the eclectic style of street art. Her work depicts vibrant and surrealist dreamscapes, drawing on images of animals and nature and juxtaposing these with human forms and urban architecture.

Street art has been around for as long as cities themselves, with many Roman and Greek ruins revealing messages and drawings across street walls. The genre was originally considered a low art form and equivalent to vandalism, but popular artists such as Banksy have helped to elevate the genre so that it is now considered an art form like any other. Influences of the street art style can be found in everything from paintings to photography, making it one of the most diverse genres in the art world.

Let us guide you as you look for your next piece of street art collage. Whether you’re just taking your first steps or already know the art world well, we’re here to help. Browse artworks using our search filters to narrow down by genre, medium and more.

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    When Angels Are Near

    Collage - 84x30 cmRent for $ 65/mo

    Soon to be Removed - Yellow/Green

    Collage - 180x80 cmRent for $ 825/mo

    Neon Halo

    Collage - 140x200 cmRent for $ 760/mo


    Collage - 92x76 cm


    Collage - 30x24 cmRent for $ 100/mo


    Collage - 29x21 cm