Peter Horvath

Peter Horvath's work is in the Whitney Museum's permanent collection as well as the Nion McEvoy collection.
Peter draws much of his imagery from mid 20th century advertising material.
In his early collages, Peter created audio narratives to assist his work.

Peter Horvath is a Canadian artist who creates vibrant and expressive photography-based mixed media work. Driven by the desire to deconstruct and recontextualise, Peter embraces digital and analogue techniques to create art that reinvents narrative and redefines meaning. Peter’s approach is colourful and dynamic, and through the use of juxtaposition, he exposes the beauty in chaos. With a focus on materials such as vintage American advertising materials and pop culture iconography, Peter explores the surreal, the nostalgic and the hypnagogic. 

Peter Horvath’s Style 

Merging street ephemera, movie posters, photographs, ink, acrylic and spray paint, Horvath’s newest series "Heroes" are densely layered assemblage portraits that reflect on his fascination with media consumption, cultural icons and urban decay, sharing an affinity with the Décollage of the 1960’s Nouveau Réalistes Mimmo Rotella and Jacques Villeglé. Horvath writes "When I began making these works I considered how we have become a society obsessed with aging, clinging to, and in pursuit of our emblems of youth. The images of the people I choose for these portraits have a strength and vitality - I place them among the wreckage of crumbling, entropic elements - suggesting nothing lasts forever".  


Peter Horvath's work is included in numerous permanent and private collections internationally, including the Nion McEvoy collection, the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s permanent collection, and in 2016 an addition to the Whitney Museum of American Art. His art has invited global commissions from The New Museum in New York, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico City and the Musée national des beaux-arts du Quebec in Canada. 

Peter exhibits his art worldwide and in 2018 he took part in the group exhibition Adoptive in the Stephen Bulger Gallery. The show saw a selection of Peter’s large scale pieces that epitomised the artist’s style. Fragments of famous faces layered with typography all sitting on an ambiguous background adorned the walls of the gallery and made for a series of animated portraits with a clear sense of narrative instilled in them.  

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Selected Works

Frida (On Purple)  by Peter Horvath

Frida (On Purple)

Photography - 91x72 cm
Grace by Peter Horvath


Photography - 91x72 cm
Bardot by Peter Horvath


Photography - 91x72 cm
Deneuve by Peter Horvath


Photography - 91x72 cm
Eastwood by Peter Horvath


Photography - 91x72 cm
Elvis On Blue by Peter Horvath

Elvis On Blue

Photography - 91x72 cm
Sophia by Peter Horvath


Photography - 91x76 cm
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II by Peter Horvath

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Photography - 92x76 cm
We Will Meet Again No.2 by Peter Horvath

We Will Meet Again No.2

Photography - 92x76 cm
I'm Batman by Peter Horvath

I'm Batman

Photography - 92x76 cm

Lynda Carter - Wonder Woman

Photography - 92x76 cm

Mama's Name Was Lonely

Photography - 92x76 cm


Photography - 92x76 cm


Collage - 92x76 cm


Collage - 92x76 cm

Siren Call

Photography - 92x76 cm


Photography - 92x76 cm

Eva, 1967

Photography - 92x76 cm

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