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      Canadian Artists

      Discover Canadian artists online. Peruse a growing collection of pioneering artists from Canada such as Lisa Carney and Peter Horvath, experts in a variety of different styles including Impressionist, Pop Art and Abstract.

      Peter Horvath constructs expressive photography-based mixed media work exploring the surreal, the nostalgic and the hypnagogic. His animated prints are often of celebrities and recontextualised street art. Jagger, by way of example, juxtaposes advertising materials, pop culture iconography and blends highly saturated colours.

      Michele Fletcher is a Canadian artist based in the UK. Her abstract paintings look at seasonal changes that take place in nature. Although Michele’s style is loose and gestural, she includes familiar botanical forms that have a living and moving presence.

      Also interested in shape formations and textures is Quebecois visual artist Jean-Sebastien Denis whose pictorial approach is born from a fascination with the instability of the world around us. His Imbrication series - for example, Imbrication #17 - studies the intersection between the virtual and the palpable.

      Krista Kim is a digital artist and founder of the Techism art movement. Krista works in an abstract style to celebrate the merging of technology and art. From her earlier figurative art to her more recent work, Krista has always cited Mark Rothko as one of her biggest artistic influences.

      Landscape paintings by the award-winning Lisa Carney are inspired by the natural beauty of the Quebec Province in the rocky outskirts of Canada’s Eastern hemisphere. Lisa has refined a dripping technique which she uses to build a unique landscape of colour and texture on canvas, as can be seen in Rusty Lavender and Purple Sands, acrylic paint, satin varnish. Although minimalist in style and pleasant to observe, Lisa still succeeds in translating the power and resilience of these potent provincial landscapes.

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        B. 1972

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