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        Heidi Thompson draws inspiration from her yoga and meditation practice to create what she calls energy field paintings.
        Heidi has a truly international training, studying in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary.
        Heidi’s art is held in collections across North America.

        Canadian artist Heidi Thompson has had an international life and career, studying in Switzerland, Germany and Hungary before returning to Canada to work with painting photography and publishing. Her acrylic paintings are heavily influenced by eastern philosophies, drawing inspiration from spirituality, yoga and meditation. She describes her work as ‘energy field paintings’, and indeed each piece is alive with movement and energy, achieved through layering of paint and unconventional brush techniques borrowed from mandala sand painting.

        Heidi Thompson’s Career

        After graduating high school, Heidi crossed the Atlantic where she began her artistic training in Switzerland. After that, she studied in both Germany and Hungary, drawing upon a range of different artistic styles and teaching methods that would later inform her unique style of abstract painting. She took all of this back to her home of Canada, where she now lives and works, exhibiting both there and in Europe and the USA.

        Exhibitions, Collections and Awards

        You’ll find Heidi’s abstract art in corporate and private collections across North America, including the Senvest Canadian Collection and the Mraz Collection in Toronto. She has exhibited as part of countless solo and group shows, and she has picked up various awards throughout her career, including the Vancity Book of Excellence Award and the B.C Cultural Project Grant.

        You can learn some more about Heidi’s meditative approach to art by reading our 5 Questions that we asked her about art, spirituality and her practice.

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