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Jordy Buckles

Jordy Buckles is an abstract installationist.
Jordy explores shape, line, and ideas of growth with a range of curvilinear and abstract forms.
The artist is regularly commissioned for his elegant sculptures.

Vancouver-based Jordy Buckles develops studio built sculptures. Finding inspiration in nature, geometry, and culture, the sculptor creates unique and innovative work focusing on curvilinear design and abstract forms.

Jordy Buckles’s Early Career and Influences

Born in Edmonton in 1979, Jordy acquired his Trade Qualification (TQ) in sheet metal fabrication from the BC Institute of Technology in 2008. In 2001, he attended Emily Carr University of Art and Design and, in 1998, attended Liberal Arts courses at Vancouver Island University. He gained significant studio technician experience working with various Canadian artists before opening his own studio in 2008. Since, Jordy has made his stamp on modern sculpture, boldly experimenting with steel, aluminium, copper, and bronze.

Creative Styles

Jordy's abstract expressionist installations are highly accurate, standing out for their intricate, technical detail. The artist explores shape and line in his triangulated series, using position, scale, and direction to play with ideas of outward growth. In contrast, his body of work Eternity Lines is more organic. Experimenting with airier, twirling aesthetics, the artist creates elegant structures with no clear beginning or end.


Jordy has previously accepted commissions to develop artworks in Hong Kong, London, and across the United States of America and Canada.

Selected Works


Sculpture - 45x45 cm

Aquatic Assembly #3

Sculpture - 94x60 cm

Ethereal Assembly #4

Sculpture - 107x107 cm

Aerial Assembly #1

Sculpture - 275x130 cm

Aerial Assembly #3

Sculpture - 61x31 cm

Radiant Assembly #1

Sculpture - 102x36 cm

Aquatic Assembly #5

Sculpture - 88x54 cm

Eternity Lines #3

Sculpture - 228x51 cm

Eternity Lines #7

Sculpture - 268x49 cm

Commission an artwork by Jordy Buckles

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