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Kelly Allison


"Oh the joy of our seascapes and landscapes! Through my work, I explore our emotional connection to the spaces that surround us, creating vibrant celebrations. Nature inspired and climate concerned, I hope to inspire others to cherish our home.”

Kelly Allison's artistic inclination flourished during her design and architectural studies in Canada, the UK and Sweden. Originally from Vancouver, she has been living abroad for many years, continues to travel extensively and today lives on the island of Corsica. This diverse cultural background, along with her current observations of the natural world, inform her artwork. She is particularly drawn to understanding and recording our emotional connections with our environments. Kelly uses a vibrant mix of acrylic, oil pastel & ink as mediums, using nature's curves & village lines to tell her story.

Selected Works

Living Together

Paintings - 42x60 cm


Paintings - 40x40 cm

Velella Velella

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Hug the Coast

Paintings - 25x25 cm


Paintings - 28x36 cm


Paintings - 20x20 cm

Make Waves 1

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Make Waves 2

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Make Waves 3

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Village Light for 2

Paintings - 44x44 cm

Ripple Effect 1

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Ripple Effect 2

Paintings - 27x22 cm

Ripple Effect 3

Paintings - 27x22 cm

To be a Shrimp

Paintings - 20x50 cm

Something's Fishy

Paintings - 90x90 cm

Rain Dance

Paintings - 90x90 cm


Paintings - 31x31 cm

By the Sea

Paintings - 60x40 cm

Fairy dust

Paintings - 60x88 cm


Paintings - 60x88 cm

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