Jean-Sebastien Denis

Jean-Sebastien Denis paints abstract works that explore the interaction of marks and colour.
The artist’s work can be found in numerous collections, both public and private.
Jean-Sebastien's stylish contemporary pieces would suit an ultra-modern interior.

Jean-Sébastien Denis is a Canadian artist from Quebec. His paintings explore the essence of mark making and how the interaction of marks and colour on the canvas.

Jean-Sébastien obtained his BA in Visual Arts from the University of Quebec. His student work was exhibited in the Young Painters of Canada Symposium.

The artist’s work can be found in numerous collections, both public and private, most notawbly the Musée National Des Beaux-Arts Du Québec, Loto-Québec, Hydro-Québec and the National Bank of Canada.

Selected Works

imbrication # 17-22 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-22

Paintings - 105x84 cm
Imbricaton # 17-09 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

Imbricaton # 17-09

Paintings - 105x84 cm
imbrication # 17-08 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-08

Paintings - 105x84 cm
Imbricaton # 17-01 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

Imbricaton # 17-01

Paintings - 105x84 cm
imbrication # 17-03 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-03

Paintings - 105x84 cm
imbrication # 17-16 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-16

Paintings - 105x84 cm
imbrication # 17-10 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-10

Paintings - 105x84 cm
imbrication # 17-24 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-24

Paintings - 105x84 cm
imbrication # 17-23 by Jean-Sebastien Denis

imbrication # 17-23

Paintings - 105x84 cm

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