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Morgan Paslier


Morgan Paslier is interested in matter, textures and their details. For his work carried out in digital montages, he initially starts at the quest for this material which he will photograph. Images From college, Morgan Paslier is interested in photography. With a Lomo, he experiences the creation of images. After a visit to the audiovisual as a decorator assistant and light assistant, he became a professional photographer. At the same time, he carries out artistic work, taking an interest in the details of matter which he photographs in the sandstone of his travels and his walks. The Marie Ricco gallery chance discovers his images by chance and decides to bring him into the gallery in order to defend his work. Skillful photographer Like Jacques Villeglé and Raymond Hains, Morgan Paslier likes torn posters covering cultural information panels. He particularly seeks the zinc panels which have just been cleaned by the municipal services and on which there are only a few shreds of glued paper. These are the details that he will first photograph, then digitize in order to be able to make digital montages by superposition of image pieces. This first montage constitutes the substance of the work on which will superimpose, like a stencil, the portrait of a character or an icon. Find the interview with Morgan Paslier on the Kazoart blog

Selected Works


Collage - 60x60 cm

Abstrcat #407 - Blouge Pop

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract #418 - Chemin

Sculpture - 6x50 cm

Abstract #420. - Vie

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract #423

Sculpture - 50x43 cm

Abstract #422 - Pose le !

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract #386_ COMPETITION

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract #399 _ PLANE

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract #400 _ HOSPITAL

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract 0398 NORMAL

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstract #382

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abtract #379 - A toute vitesse

Sculpture - 50x50 cm

Abstraction #358 - Futur is now!

Sculpture - 100x100 cm

Abstraction #362 - Hum Hum !

Photography - 100x100 cm

Ad 1

Paintings - 30x30 cm

Flash 1

Sculpture - 15x15 cm

Camera kodak instamatic 130

Sculpture - 17x11 cm

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