Ben Allen’s art features in the private collections of big names like Richard Branson, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Jade Jagger.
Ben's collages are a 21st Century take on the classic pop art style.
Ben has worked with leading brands like Levis and Converse.

Born in 1979 in the UK, Ben Allen is a contemporary artist known for his fresh and exciting take on Pop Art. Armed with a range of complex collage techniques, Ben creates eclectic artworks that bring together the best bits of pop culture. Ben uses a bold colour palette to create Collages dripping with both paint and energy, drawing upon some of the most ubiquitous images in the modern world, from Disney characters to dollar signs.

Ben Allen’s Career

The standout style of Ben’s artwork has earned him spots in galleries in the UK, across the pond and even further afield. He has exhibited in countless galleries and festivals, in locations ranging from his hometown Brighton to more exotic locales like Miami, Hong Kong, Sydney and Seoul. He was also shortlisted for our Rise Art Prize in the Street Art category back in 2018.

Clients and Collections

Ben Allen’s wide appeal has made him a popular choice for commercial clients and private collectors alike. He has worked with big name brands including Levis and Converse, and has featured in publications including GQ Magazine and The Observer. Ben’s Pop Art Collages also grace the walls of celebrities like Richard Branson, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Jade Jagger.

You can learn more about the artist by reading our article Ben Allen: Pop Art for the 21st Century where we explore the influences and historical context that have led to his distinctive style.

Selected Works

Avenger Triptych NYC by Ben Allen

Avenger Triptych NYC

Prints - 55x122 cm
Neon Halo by Ben Allen

Neon Halo

Collage - 140x200 cm
Electric Dream Queen by Ben Allen

Electric Dream Queen

Prints - 62x56 cm
Metaphysical Graffiti by Ben Allen

Metaphysical Graffiti

Prints - 80x80 cm
One Dollar Love by Ben Allen

One Dollar Love

Prints - 80x80 cm
Fantasy Embrace by Ben Allen

Fantasy Embrace

Prints - 70x115 cm
Money Rabbit by Ben Allen

Money Rabbit

Prints - 68x68 cm

Life Sucks !

Prints - 60x49 cm

Filthy + Faded (Paper Version)

Paintings - 89x60 cm

Transcending Light

Paintings - 60x90 cm

Wish Upon A Star

Prints - 80x80 cm

Hope No.3

Prints - 90x80 cm

New Gods New Masters

Paintings - 150x150 cm


Paintings - 60x80 cm

Neon Seduction

Paintings - 190x150 cm

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