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      Phoebe Boddy

      Phoebe Boddy is a contemporary abstract artist who visualises the experience of taste on canvas.
      Phoebe’s practice is inspired by food and flavour and explores the connections and responses this can bring to her paintings.
      Phoebe has exhibited at leading London galleries.

      Born in 1995 in Leicester, United Kingdom, Phoebe Boddy explores the many connections between the two creative fields of food and art. Her contemporary abstract paintings are always titled after, or related to, food, and are as layered and complex as the recipes that inspire her.

      Phoebe Boddy’s Style and Practice

      After graduating from Loughborough University in 2017 with a degree in Fine Art, Phoebe featured her works in spaces such as Brick Lane Gallery and the Truman Brewery in London. She infuses her food paintings with bold colours and forms. Through painting, she interprets flavour as a colour, envisions texture as a mark and translates shapes onto the canvas.

      Awards and Current Projects

      The artist won the Figurative Art Prize 2021 from Mall Galleries, London. She was also among the Director's Pick at The Other Art Fair, London, in 2020. Phoebe continues to exhibit in London and across the UK, selling her work worldwide. She recently co-founded Palette, a unique dining experience that focuses on the sensory connections between food and art. The concept is a creative experience whereby the paintings exhibited are relevant to the dishes served.

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