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Nicole Fearfield


Nicole Fearfield was recently awarded Winner, Revival Art and Design Emerging Art Prize 2023.

Nicole is a British/Australian artist fascinated by the unspoken connection that flows between artist, artwork and viewer.

Her work is boldly expressive. Full of metaphor and meaning, it has an energy that can be felt by viewers long after it has left her studio.

Nicole is represented by galleries in Brisbane, Sydney and the UK, and has a broad international collector base with collectors in London, Scotland, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, The Netherlands, Spain and Kuwait.

Nicole’s work has been selected for inclusion in Home Beautiful magazine (Dec 2022 edition). Her art was also jury selected and featured in the renowned International Art Folio (US).

She has authored 2 guides for how to recognise good abstract art and twice been a finalist in the Bluethumb Art Prize (AU), 2020 and 2022.

Exciting marks, harmonious colour, depth and spaciousness are all hallmarks of her finished pieces. She says “The work always lets me know when it’s ready, my job is to pay attention to the call”.

Selected Works

Paris in Autumn

Paintings - 130x170 cm

Ski Holiday

Paintings - 150x100 cm

Crowd Surfing

Paintings - 100x150 cm

Already Bronze 1

Paintings - 80x135 cm

Channeling Mr Do-Bee

Paintings - 93x78 cm

Raspberry Crush

Paintings - 93x78 cm

Beach Fireworks

Paintings - 93x91 cm

Hazy Days

Paintings - 47x52 cm

A New Love

Paintings - 41x31 cm

Lemon Lime Orange

Paintings - 92x52 cm

A Bit Potty

Paintings - 94x73 cm

Blissed Out

Paintings - 101x92 cm

Bright Skies Big Sun

Paintings - 93x78 cm

Road to Salalah

Paintings - 114x106 cm

Rains Expected

Paintings - 52x47 cm

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