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      Max Naylor

      Max produces semi-surreal imagery of cityscapes and skylines drawn from memory.
      Max packs his illustrations with otherworldly shapes and explosive colours, blending controlled compositions with dynamic doodling.
      Max has received global recognition, enjoying residencies in Los Angeles, Tuscany, Delhi and Scotland.

      Bristol-based artist Max Naylor creates mixed-media paintings and ink drawings on paper. Max is particularly well known for his semi-surreal imagery of cityscapes and skylines which are often drawn from memory.

      Max Naylor’s Early Career and Practice

      Max Naylor trained at Falmouth College of Art and the Royal Drawing School before beginning his career in painting. The artist balances scrupulous detail and controlled compositions with dynamic doodling and instinctive creative direction. Max densely packs his dreamlike illustrations with shapes and colours which scramble for space on the page. By cleverly braiding together elements of Art Deco and Expressionism, his landscape studies such as Red Boat and Service Station are heightened with character and imagination. This cross-pollination of styles makes for a visually stimulating experience with every observation.

      Residencies and Awards

      Max has enjoyed residencies in Los Angeles, Tuscany, Delhi and Scotland, as well as extensive group and solo exhibitions across the UK. Max was the 2017 Winner of the Discerning Eye Drawing Bursary and the 2016 Winner of the Jackson’s Open Art Prize.

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