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      Discover the most exciting Illustrators active today. We work with emerging and mid-career illustrators from all over the world to provide a range of prints, paintings, collages and more for you to discover. Whether you’re after a botanical illustration, an animal print or an intricate cityscape, our curated gallery makes it easy for you to discover new illustrations to purchase for your home.

      Kristjana S Williams. Kristjana’s illustrations epitomises the appeal of contemporary illustration; she infuses intricacy with colour to make fantastical narratives in her art. Whether forming patterned prints of butterflies or creating mystical scenes of nature, Kristjana transcends the traditional notion that an illustration is an addition to a piece of writing, and in turn each piece of Kristjana’s art becomes a story in itself.

      Mat Cahill is another artist who works to push against the imposed boundaries of traditional illustration. Mat reimagines the possibilities of illustration and uses his art to discuss issues of modern society, ranging from reflections on individuality and anonymity to examinations of masculinity in today’s day and age.

      Michelle Loa Kum Cheung works in mixed media to create illustrations of far off lands and magical settings. Michelle uses gold leaf and liquid graphite to form patterned motifs and inject her art with a tone of wistfulness. Exploring themes of memory and the relationship between time and place, Michelle’s drawings and paintings transport the viewer to another world entirely.

      About Illustrators

      Illustrations has existed for as far back as ancient cave paintings in prehistoric times, however the profession of the illustrator is fairly recent in comparison. Emerging at the beginning of the 19th century, illustrations were originally synonymous with the printing and publishing process. Illustrators had the functional role of decorating, interpreting and providing a visual explanation to assist writing. Advances in technology throughout the 18th century propelled illustrations into the mainstream and by the invention of the printing press in the 1950s, illustrators had become established globally.

      Today, some of the most famous illustrators are still recognised for their ability to tell a story or reinforce a narrative. Beatrix Potter, Quinten Blake and Ralph Steadman are all known in conjunction with writers, and in some cases have characterised stories in a way that is more recognisable than the writing itself.

      Discover illustrative art for sale here.

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        Featured Artists
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        Sara Shamma

        United Kingdom
        B. 1975

        Daniel Freaker

        United Kingdom
        B. 1977

        Johanna Bath

        B. 1980

        David Hockney

        United Kingdom
        B. 2006

        Jessica Kirkpatrick

        United Kingdom
        B. 1980