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Claire Cansick


Norfolk artist Claire Cansick is directly inspired by nature and colour.

Her paintings explore woods and rivers on her doorstep as well as documenting poignant memories, the changing climate and natural events. Her work plays with recessive colour and compositional elements to create a sense of place, mood, interaction and experience. Claire's work starts with her own photos or sketches, working quickly before discarding the source material and letting the paint take over. Her work does not over concern itself with groups or series of paintings but one offs, with only her tight colour palette bridging between them. Currently she is embarking on several paintings of the sea swimmer's vista.

Claire is a member of The Arborealists, an artist group who's exploration of tree unites them.

Recent and future exhibitions include Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022, The Stables at Houghton Hall Norfolk 22/23 and solo exhibitions at Chappel Galleries in Essex, Gallery East in Woodbridge Suffolk and Firstsite in Essex 14 October 2023 - 14 April 2024.

Selected Works

The Big Drink

Paintings - 122x152 cm

Wildfire Albuquerque

Prints - 32x42 cm

The Paroxysm of Stromboli

Prints - 60x50 cm

Colorado Wildfire

Prints - 30x40 cm

Twin Tornadoes

Prints - 30x40 cm

Hurricane Ian

Prints - 30x40 cm

Nigeria Floods

Prints - 30x40 cm

Bordeaux Wildfire

Prints - 30x40 cm

The Sea The Sea

Paintings - 122x304 cm

Aphrodite Reborn

Paintings - 92x152 cm

Siren's Vista

Paintings - 92x152 cm

North Sea Hydra

Paintings - 92x152 cm

Swallow Me Sea

Paintings - 92x152 cm

Sea Swallow Me

Paintings - 92x152 cm

Dreaming Something Somewhere

Paintings - 61x91 cm

To Applehayes

Paintings - 42x59 cm


Paintings - 172x293 cm

Ash Cloud V

Drawings - 45x35 cm

Plantation Gardens

Paintings - 30x40 cm

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