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      Rhea Cutillo


      Rhea Cutillo is a contemporary painter, herbalist and scholar concerned with the human-nature relationship and wide open spaces in the physical world and the internal cerebral realm. The visual artist primarily works in oil, curating vast and awe-inspiring landscapes that explore the unknown self and ambiguity of identity.

      Rhea Cutillo’s Early Career and Inspiration

      Rhea has graduated from The Barnes Foundation Museum Barnes-de Mazia Program, Philadelphia, and Mills College, Oakland, CA. She is a Dean Merit Scholar at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Rhea is in constant documentation and interpretation of the world around her, using painting as a medium to explore expansions of space into the immaterial, cerebral, and emotional spheres. In this way, elements of absence and presence coexist within her images; dissolution and coherency of identity occur, inviting viewers to explore the interchange between inside-outside and physical-spiritual space.


      Rhea has exhibited across the United States, including New York and Los Angeles, as well as in Iceland and China. Her work is in private collections across North America and the UK.

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