Art Deco Artists

Explore hundreds of paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures by art deco artists with today. Each piece in our online collection of art deco art has been selected by us. Whether you’re looking to purchase a portrait painting, or you’re on the hunt for a nude sculpture, every piece in our ever-evolving selection is available for you to buy today.…

Alexander Grigorev. Alexander works across print, sculpture, painting and illustration to create art with its own unique visual language. His series of Molecule sculptures use repetition and pattern to allude to depth. The use of line alone to create shapes results in two dimensional sculptures the jump off the wall.

Jinsheng You’s art combines abstraction with an art deco style to produce large scale colourful canvases. Jinsheng’s oil paintings are rich in texture and expressive in nature. Taking inspiration from his everyday surroundings, Jinsheng focuses largely on responding to landscapes and scenes of plants and flowers.

Italian artist Luca Brandi also works in an abstract style to create art deco paintings. The majority of his paintings are done in black and white, resembling a photographic aesthetic and evoking a clear sense of nostalgia.

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    Mychael Barratt

    United Kingdom
    B. 2005

    Mark Beattie

    United Kingdom
    B. 1987

    Luca Brandi

    B. 1961

    Cody Choi

    United Kingdom
    B. 1979

    Rosie Emerson

    United Kingdom
    B. 1981