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        Virginia Garcia Costa

        Virginia Garcia Costa creates wall sculptures inspired by natural elements.
        The artist has received a number of awards for her work in Switzerland.
        Nature lovers and Hygge enthusiasts would love these pieces.

        Virginia Garcia Costa is an Argentinian artist based in Switzerland. Virginia produces wall sculptures inspired by elements of nature. The artist’s style is truly unique, and nature lovers and Hygge enthusiasts would really enjoy her pieces. We love the way Virginia arranges her materials into what looks like a surface of drips or water flow.

        The artist trained as a painter at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires. She has gone on to receive awards for her art in Switzerland from Arte Binningen, p.i.n.k.elefant and Suisse-Art.

        Virginia has exhibited at a variety of art fairs in Austria and Switzerland. Public and private collectors in Europe, the US and Asia have bought her work.

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