Didier Ferré


The art and the way. After a career in the world of cruises, hotels and catering, Didier Ferré discovers and studies sculpture in Paris with Marie La Varande. He moved to Rivedoux-Plage on the Ile de Ré and enriched his sculptural journey with Jean-Paul Demesy to "Asso l'A.te.lier" de La Rochelle. The art and the way of modeling the earth, of sculpting stone, wood, are influenced by its travels at the end of the world but also and above all by Amedeo Modigliani in which he discovers sleek and abstract curves. Multiple works are made of limestone with beige gray fine gray with fossils and iron oxide nodules from the Ile de Ré dating from the Upper Jurassic (152/157 million years). A visual and tactile similarity between marble and ivory which gives his works, unique, timeless pieces, which allow him to assert his style which evokes reverie and travel. In 2011, he participated in a competition where he presented at the Musée de la Marine in Paris a figure in wood, "Le Corsaire". In 2018, he exhibited at the Sénac de Meillhan gallery at the Fleet en Ré. In 2019, he exhibited at the gallery aside in La Rochelle as well as at the Galerie Concept Store Gallery in La Baule. To date, he is present at Karry Gallery in Paris.

Selected Works

Miss Boléro by Didier Ferré

Miss Boléro

Sculpture - 98x27 cm
Princesse by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 32x12 cm
Océane by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 34x12 cm
Masque by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 30x30 cm
Princess by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 35x15 cm
Brutus by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 19x14 cm
Tendrement by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 32x17 cm
Marianne by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 35x20 cm
Pearl by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 44x11 cm
Amadéo by Didier Ferré


Sculpture - 27x14 cm

Le dormeur

Sculpture - 29x13 cm


Sculpture - 39x16 cm


Sculpture - 20x12 cm


Sculpture - 45x16 cm

Miss sourire

Sculpture - 37x16 cm


Sculpture - 31x10 cm


Sculpture - 39x10 cm

Oh Marie

Sculpture - 31x17 cm


Sculpture - 31x11 cm


Sculpture - 50x9 cm

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