Genevieve Leavold


b.1980. Somerset UK. Originally trained in theatre design, Genevieve Leavold is a self taught painter working mainly in oil.

The questions that the artist is examining in her work are about concepts of time and the tension between the spiritual and physical world. An exploration of the ephemeral and the eternal.

Genevieve Leavold draws on her love of organic forms found in nature and love of eastern philosophy as inspiration for her work. She is particularly drawn to marine plant, microbiological and mycological shapes and colours.

Her process develops through deep observation of nature and subsequent abstraction of essential qualities of form and colour from the worn, overgrown and overlooked parts of her city to create intuitive, direct paintings and drawings.

Selected Works

Lushious by Genevieve Leavold


Paintings - 81x81 cm
Gloaming by Genevieve Leavold


Paintings - 72x72 cm
Daybreak by Genevieve Leavold


Paintings - 76x101 cm
Dapple by Genevieve Leavold


Paintings - 42x42 cm
All This and More by Genevieve Leavold

All This and More

Paintings - 101x72 cm
Ephemera by Genevieve Leavold


Paintings - 152x152 cm
Natural Forms II by Genevieve Leavold

Natural Forms II

Drawings - 42x30 cm
Metamorphosis III by Genevieve Leavold

Metamorphosis III

Drawings - 42x30 cm
Under The Rainbow by Genevieve Leavold

Under The Rainbow

Paintings - 101x101 cm
Nightfall by Genevieve Leavold


Paintings - 76x101 cm


Paintings - 42x42 cm

Punch Drunk

Paintings - 101x101 cm


Paintings - 76x101 cm

Electric Feels

Paintings - 101x101 cm


Paintings - 101x101 cm


Paintings - 45x35 cm


Paintings - 112x112 cm


Paintings - 106x147 cm


Paintings - 61x92 cm

Song of Stone

Paintings - 82x82 cm

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