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Emmanuel Okoro

New & Noteworthy Artist

Emmanuel Okoro, a sculptor of Nigerian descent based in London, intertwines the art of storytelling with his sculptural practice, drawing inspiration from themes of tribal ancestry, human experience, and the notions of legacy and immortality. His approach to sculpture is one of reduction, stripping forms to their essence to capture states of being, unity, and the nuances of moments, whether they are filled with movement, expectation, or repose.

Okoro's two decades of dedication to his craft are evident in his work, which is characterized by its versatility and the palpable passion that infuses each piece. His sculptures, notable for their clear lines and organic textures, are rendered in a variety of multi-coated, earthy materials. They stand as an invitation for viewers to engage and find their own 'Piece of the Rock'—a personal connection to the art that is as unique as the sculptures themselves.

His commitment to his art is further reflected in the exclusivity of his pieces, most of which are cast in bronze and presented in limited editions of 12. This commitment to quality and uniqueness is a hallmark of Okoro's work, which is now prominently exhibited at major London Art Fairs, galleries and online presence.


Emmanuel Okoro Artworks

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    Reunion by Emmanuel Okoro


    Sculpture - 25x20 cm
    Leann South by Emmanuel Okoro

    Leann South

    Sculpture - 66x12 cm
    Water spirit by Emmanuel Okoro

    Water spirit

    Sculpture - 56x12 cm
    This way up by Emmanuel Okoro

    This way up

    Sculpture - 46x36 cm
    Blackswan by Emmanuel Okoro


    Sculpture - 79x64 cm
    BALLERINA by Emmanuel Okoro


    Sculpture - 60x18 cmRent for $410 /mo
    Orchid  by Emmanuel Okoro


    Sculpture - 60x20 cmRent for $260 /mo
    Stop and Focus by Emmanuel Okoro

    Stop and Focus

    Sculpture - 95x110 cmRent for $415 /mo
    Flight of fancy by Emmanuel Okoro

    Flight of fancy

    Sculpture - 47x20 cmRent for $210 /mo
    ROSE by Emmanuel Okoro


    Sculpture - 90x25 cmRent for $380 /mo


    Sculpture - 95x25 cmRent for $380 /mo


    Sculpture - 210x20 cmRent for $330 /mo

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