Tanya Angelova


Tanya Angelova is of Bulgarian nationality. She has lived and worked in Paris for fourteen years. In 1991, she completed her secondary studies at the D. Dobrovitch Decorative Arts School in Sliven in Bulgaria. In 1997, her higher education ended at the National Academy of Beaux Arts and the Faculty of Decorative Arts Textile specialty in Sofia, Bulgaria.Tanya Angeloa has been master of arts since 1997. She has been working on decorations, shows and Various events in Bulgaria, France, Spain and Germany. All nature is subject to transformation, all research is also. In creation, Tanya Angelova is inspired by the desire to transform, confront and mix matter. She sews the canvas to strengthen her presence, a gesture of personal emotion. "Going beyond, she asks" only "to soak up. This transformation is everyone's quest. The trace is the key concept that makes its point together in terms of painting. First of all, the traces in the memory which create configurations of the remains of the moments lived, frequented places, faces encountered. Then the trace as a drawn line, as a line, as a chromatic element or plastic fragment. The themes of his paintings accentuate the inner experience of the lived world. It is a neo-expressionist conception that aims to be undecided between abstraction and figurative elements just like the matter of memories.

Selected Works

Reflets dans l'eau 2 by Tanya Angelova

Reflets dans l'eau 2

Collage - 120x100 cm
Reflets dans l'eau 1 by Tanya Angelova

Reflets dans l'eau 1

Paintings - 120x100 cm
Formes 26 by Tanya Angelova

Formes 26

Paintings - 98x130 cm
The roots of matter 34 by Tanya Angelova

The roots of matter 34

Paintings - 170x110 cm
Noir et dix 22 by Tanya Angelova

Noir et dix 22

Paintings - 30x30 cm
NOIR ET DIX 3 by Tanya Angelova


Paintings - 100x100 cm
Madones34 by Tanya Angelova


Paintings - 130x98 cm
Madones 33 by Tanya Angelova

Madones 33

Paintings - 130x98 cm
Madones 27 by Tanya Angelova

Madones 27

Collage - 40x80 cm
Paysage d'automne by Tanya Angelova

Paysage d'automne

Paintings - 137x98 cm

Noir et dix 66

Paintings - 92x73 cm

Noir et dix 65

Paintings - 92x65 cm

Noir et dix 33

Paintings - 80x40 cm

Les racines de la matière 6

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Formes 12

Paintings - 73x92 cm

Noir et dix 54 diptyque

Paintings - 130x160 cm

Noir et dix 13

Paintings - 92x73 cm

Abstraction matinale

Paintings - 131x99 cm

Submersion - formes 24

Paintings - 100x81 cm

Formes 23

Paintings - 100x73 cm

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