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        Tommy Kwak

        Tommy Kwak's work has been exhibited across the US and Iceland.
        You'll find Tommy's work in the Louis Vuitton collections in the USA and Germany.
        Tommy has completed several residencies in Iceland.

        American photographer Tommy Kwak grew up just outside of Chicago, and has since lived and worked in New York and New Jersey. His style of landscape photography celebrates a kind of ephemeral beauty, showcasing the rugged scenery of locations such as Iceland and the Faroe Islands. He uses intriguing techniques, adding colour gradients, reflections and flares through a variety of analogue, in-camera processes that add new layers to his photography. Tommy’s approach also transforms natural entities into more graphic forms, with wide-angle shots and blurs obscuring nature and pushing it into abstraction.

        Tommy Kwak’s Artistic Career

        Tommy has always been interested in the creative world, and studied a BFA in Graphic Design from California College of the Arts in 2002. Since then, he has honed his photography practice with two courses at the International Center of Photography in New York. Tommy now travels the world his quest to create nature photography and capture scenes that are not usually accessible to people, from remote beaches to mountains and rivers.

        Exhibitions and Awards

        Tommy’s landscape art has achieved great success, with exhibitions across the United States and in Iceland. You’ll also find his work in the Louis Vuitton collections in New York and Cologne, Germany. What’s more, Tommy won various residencies in Iceland, where he was able to capture some of his most iconic shots.

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