Beach Art For Sale

Daydream about days at the seaside with our selection of beach art for sale. Beach art is a type of landscape art that has caught and held the attention of many artists over the years. Beaches are special symbolic places where the sea meets the land, allowing viewers to look away from the busy, complex landscapes created by humans. You can start your art collecting journey by browsing our Beach Photography, Beach Paintings or perhaps Beach Prints.

Tessa Houghton's seascapes are dreamlike and explore the emotional connection we have with particular places. She studies Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University and soon after completing her degree, she moved to Barcelona and started painting the sea.

Pablo Picasso’s Two Women Running On The Beach is perhaps one of the most famous works of beach art today. Connotations of the good life runs through his painting with two women, full bodied and sun kissed running without a care on the beach. In contrast with this is his later work, On the Beach which takes a more melancholic tone and shows two women playing with a toy boat while someone looks at them from afar.

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      Holkham Picnic

      Prints - 30x42cmRent for $ 37/mo

      Drowned in Sunbeams

      Paintings - 20x78cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Boy in the Mouth of a Cave

      Paintings - 60x40cmRent for $ 90/mo

      Hebrides IV

      Prints - 30x21cm

      Fake beach

      Paintings - 160x540cmRent for $ 505/mo

      Beach of a Day

      Photography - 10x15cm

      Winter Sky 1

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Salton Series II

      Photography - 41x61cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Study 2 Plashy Place

      Paintings - 45x50cmRent for $ 115/mo

      Whitstable Sloping Beach Huts

      Prints - 38x37cmRent for $ 55/mo


      Photography - 102x152cmRent for $ 125/mo

      Rose Washed Sands 2

      Paintings - 50x50cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Helter Skelter 2

      Paintings - 84x124cmRent for $ 255/mo

      Dunes (Spiekeroog, Germany)

      Photography - 102x128cm

      Salton Series I

      Photography - 61x61cmRent for $ 60/mo

      Sun Screen

      Photography - 30x45cm

      Winter's Feast

      Prints - 60x60cmRent for $ 56/mo


      Photography - 49x74cmRent for $ 75/mo

      Maibara Evening Colours

      Prints - 30x21cmRent for $ 35/mo

      Memory Lens

      Paintings - 76x76cmRent for $ 365/mo

      Whitstable, Old Neptune On Horizon

      Prints - 38x37cmRent for $ 55/mo


      Paintings - 76x76cmRent for $ 145/mo

      Monoprint A3 Chair Pair Pool No1

      Prints - 31x42cmRent for $ 72/mo

      Shadows and sand

      Photography - 45x45cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Sweetness and Light no.6

      Photography - 70x70cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Moments On The Beach 4

      Paintings - 20x20cmRent for $ 33/mo

      Sweetness and Light no.1

      Photography - 70x70cmRent for $ 65/mo

      Island Cove

      Paintings - 66x34cmRent for $ 100/mo