Susannah Douglas

Susannah Douglas creates intricate pencil drawings from multiple photographic sources.
Susannah explores representations of the human figure through portraiture.
She has exhibited widely across the UK.

Born in 1981 in Belfast, UK, Susannah Douglas creates detailed figurative drawings. She is concerned with representing the human figure through conventions of portraiture. The artist uncovers images from various sources such as art historical archives, old photocopies, anonymous photographs found online, and glossy magazine spreads. She splices these fragments together, blending and reconstructing multiple poses, gestures, attire, and compositions, posing the question: how can conventions aspire to uniqueness when continually promoting the generic?

Susannah Douglas’s Early Career and Style

Susannah has an MA from Wimbledon College of Art (2009–10) and a BA in Fine Art from Falmouth College of Art (2000–03). The artist references collaged material to create her intricate pencil drawings, bringing together myriad narratives and photographic conventions. The fragility of the drawn images and reconstruction of these stories complicates the relationship to originality whilst maintaining the nostalgic desire for something unique and hand-crafted.


Some selected exhibitions include: Anthology, Charlie Smith Gallery, London (2016); Contemporary Drawing from Britain, Xi’An, China (2016); Florence Trust Summer Show, London (2015); Idolatry, Charlie Smith Gallery, London (2014); Priseman Seabrook Collection of 21C Painting, Huddersfield Art Gallery (2014); The Future Can Wait and Saatchi’s New Sensations, Victoria House, London (2014); The Jerwood Drawing Prize London (2014); Party Favours, PAPER, Manchester (2014); The Griffin Art Prize, London (2013); The Jerwood Drawing Prize (2013). She lives and works in London.

Selected Works

Woman/Boat 1 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 1

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 3 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 3

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 2 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 2

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 5 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 5

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 6 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 6

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 7 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 7

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 15 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 15

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 18 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 18

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 18 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 18

Drawings - 26x26 cm
Woman/Boat 4 by Susannah Douglas

Woman/Boat 4

Drawings - 26x26 cm

Video Still (Disney World) 4

Drawings - 22x29 cm

Video Still (Disney World) 3

Drawings - 22x29 cm

Video Layer (Disney World) 1

Drawings - 26x31 cm

Video Layer (Disney Still) 3

Drawings - 27x31 cm

Team (fragment) 1

Drawings - 18x18 cm

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