Will Claridge

Will Claridge has exhibited across the UK in both solo and group shows.
In 2020, Will was awarded the Talented Art Fair Collectors Award.
Will's work celebrates the poetry of everyday life.

UK-based artist Will Claridge is an emerging photographer with an interesting approach to his practice. Will’s work sits on the intersection between photography, painting and installation, and he finishes his photography with hand-applied, tactile details that add an extra dimension to the piece. Exploring the poetry that can be found in everyday life, Will takes otherwise banal subjects such as scenes from city streets and breathes new life into them. His use of paint splatters pushes his work into the realm of the abstract, offering fresh perspectives on familiar sights.

Will Claridge’s Career as an Artist

Although he is in the early stages of his career, Will’s unique brand of mixed media photography has already achieved great success. The artist graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the artistic hub of Falmouth in Cornwall, before going on to exhibit in both solo and group shows around the country. Most recently, Will has worked on a series titled The Poetics of the Everyday, which explores the beauty of everyday scenes by obscuring their reality.

Exhibitions and Awards

Will Claridge’s abstract photography has been exhibited across the UK, including in group shows at the OXO Tower and Truman Brewery in London, as well as solo shows in Essex and London. Will was also awarded the Talented Art Fair Collector’s Award in 2020.

Selected Works

Abersoch Island by Will Claridge

Abersoch Island

Paintings - 36x77 cm
Painting the Roses Red by Will Claridge

Painting the Roses Red

Paintings - 63x81 cm
Summer Holidays  by Will Claridge

Summer Holidays

Photography - 10x15 cm
Oasis by Will Claridge


Paintings - 10x15 cm
Mountain Sound  by Will Claridge

Mountain Sound

Photography - 10x15 cm
V'Nice by Will Claridge


Photography - 10x15 cm
Cider Supernova  by Will Claridge

Cider Supernova

Photography - 15x20 cm
Out at Sea by Will Claridge

Out at Sea

Photography - 10x15 cm
Poolside by Will Claridge


Photography - 10x15 cm
Chances on the Road by Will Claridge

Chances on the Road

Photography - 10x15 cm

Art School View

Photography - 10x15 cm


Photography - 15x10 cm

Bird Feed

Photography - 10x15 cm

Terracotta Tan

Photography - 10x15 cm

Dark Times II

Photography - 10x15 cm

Beach of a Day

Photography - 10x15 cm

Great Rig in the Sky

Photography - 10x15 cm


Photography - 10x15 cm

Drowned in Sunbeams

Paintings - 20x78 cm

Piccadilly Projections

Photography - 10x15 cm

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