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        Cityscape Art For Sale

        Discover cityscape art for sale online today. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or are just dipping your toes, we can help you to buy cityscape art from our selection of Cityscape Drawings, Cityscape Collage, Cityscape Paintings and more.

        With experience living in both London and New York, Georgia Peskett is a talented British oil painter working with cityscape art today. Her work shines a light on some of the forgotten corners of the city and its inhabitants, capturing the rushed and busy feel of the city through her use of blurred lines and brushstrokes.

        If you’re interested in adding something a little more abstract to your collection, then the work of Noemi Safir is a good place to start. Using a vibrant colour palette, Safir creates fragmented images that offer a unique perspective on urban landscapes and the inhabitants of cities.

        The huge populations and wide cultural offering of cities make them a natural home for artists, and many have taken paint to canvas to try and capture the atmosphere of the city around them. Cityscape art can refer to any art that depicts urban life, whether that’s a quiet street corner, a busy shopping street or the city skyline. These images tell the story of the inhabitants of the city, their relationship to their surroundings and what it means to live in a modern urban environment.

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          showing 681 pieces

          William Gee Ltd, 1906 -

          Paintings - 51x76 cmRent for $ 175/mo

          City Heat

          Paintings - 80x100 cmRent for $ 270/mo

          Blue Flame

          Photography - 100x100 cmRent for $ 320/mo

          Video Still (Disney World) 4

          Drawings - 22x29 cmRent for $ 65/mo

          South London Boroughs II

          Photography - 37x80 cmRent for $ 90/mo

          The Adventurer

          Paintings - 91x66 cm


          Paintings - 122x183 cmRent for $ 825/mo

          Passion City

          Prints - 56x56 cm


          Paintings - 98x90 cmRent for $ 280/mo

          Light of the Day

          Paintings - 80x100 cmRent for $ 165/mo

          Untitled Club Painting

          Paintings - 122x91 cmRent for $ 565/mo

          Untitled Slab Painting

          Paintings - 122x91 cmRent for $ 565/mo

          Night Hunter

          Paintings - 120x110 cmRent for $ 360/mo


          Paintings - 80x60 cmRent for $ 66/mo

          River and Wheel

          Paintings - 70x98 cmRent for $ 285/mo

          Untitled Lightbulb Painting

          Paintings - 152x122 cmRent for $ 920/mo

          Los Humanos

          Paintings - 100x97 cmRent for $ 275/mo

          Untitled Gravel Painting

          Paintings - 45x65 cmRent for $ 195/mo

          Mayfair & St James's

          Prints - 88x107 cm

          City of Glass 26 (The Force of Chance)

          Paintings - 120x100 cmRent for $ 280/mo

          Stuttgard 1944

          Drawings - 42x60 cmRent for $ 190/mo

          Formations IV

          Photography - 30x120 cmRent for $ 130/mo

          Reckless Records, London

          Paintings - 26x21 cmRent for $ 65/mo


          Prints - 40x113 cm

          San Francisco 15 (Transamerica Pyramid)

          Paintings - 40x30 cmRent for $ 115/mo

          City Echo

          Paintings - 80x100 cmRent for $ 270/mo

          Sunset Rooftops

          Paintings - 60x120 cmRent for $ 130/mo

          From Shore to Shore

          Prints - 90x119 cmRent for $ 235/mo

          CHICAGO ART I A

          Photography - 100x100 cmRent for $ 140/mo