Noemi Safir

Noemi Safir was born in Uruguay before moving to Israel at two years old.
Noemi previously worked in architecture and tech before becoming an artist.
Most of the women Noemi depicts are a reflection of herself.

Israeli portrait and landscape artist Noemi Safir works in block colours on large canvases to create powerful and vibrant works of art. Inspired by the urban cityscape of her hometown Tel Aviv and the emotive power of her female subjects, Noemi’s paintings explore themes of desire, power and independence. Primarily working in acrylic paint, Noemi fragments and breaks down her subjects with her rich and colourful palette. Noemi’s expressive approach transcends any one style, and instead she combines elements of realism with abstraction to create art that is driven by emotion.

Noemi Safir’s Exhibitions

For the last ten years, Noemi has shown in exhibitions across the world, spanning from New York, Miami and San Francisco to Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond. Noemi’s prolific approach has led to an ongoing stream of solo shows and group exhibitions internationally. Noemi’s Close-Up Portraits series showcased an extensive collection of individual and group portraits. Vast in colour and scale, the majority of these paintings focused on female faces. With poetic titles that matched the emotions of the paintings themselves, this collection cemented the power and impact of Noemi’s artistic style.

Painting and 3D Works

The abstract quality of Noemi’s blockwork often lends itself to a Cubist style of painting. Sharp shapes and a depth of layering has led Noemi to explore a 3D approach to her art. Inspired by her original paintings, Noemi has worked with metal to reimagine her art with a 3D eye. Each work has around 12-20 layers of metal, creating a textural depth to her work whilst reinforcing the frenzied composition of Noemi’s cityscapes.

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