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      Katsutoshi Yuasa

      Katsutoshi won the Northern Print Award in 2011.
      Katsutoshi’s work is in The V&A and The Royal College of Art’s public collections.
      Katsutoshi is currently a Lecturer at Tama Art University in Tokyo.

      Katsutoshi Yuasa makes woodcut prints as a way of delving into the techniques and traditions of photography. Many of Katsutoshi’s prints are responses to his own digital photographs and by combining the two artistic processes, he aims to capture the atmosphere and the essence of the subject. Katsutoshi’s process is lengthy and meticulous, often taking weeks to complete one piece. With a focus on the ephemeral and beauty that can be found in the everyday, Katsutoshi’s intricate process leads to decorative and impressionistic works of art.

      Katsutoshi Yuasa’s Education and Career

      Katsutoshi was born in Tokyo and moved to London in 2003 to complete an MA in Fine Art, Printmaking at The Royal College of Art, before returning to live in Japan. The culture and heritage of Japanese art is a central theme in Katsutoshi’s process. Over the past ten years, Katsutoshi has taught at various universities and studios across Tokyo, whilst also taking part in Residencies in Copenhagen, New York, Amsterdam and Paris, to name a few. Katsutoshi is established globally and has had a vast number of solo exhibitions across the world.


      Katsutoshi explores the relationship between the digital production of a photograph and the ancient Japanese printmaking practices. In his process, Katsutoshi unpacks the layers that make up a photograph and revitalises them through printmaking. Katsutoshi predominantly responds to scenes of nature, with botanical shapes and subjects reinforcing the traditions of Japanese floral and botanical art.

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