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Explore our range of woodcut prints for sale. Woodcut printing is a form of relief printing in which the artist carves or cuts images or patterns into a wooden block. Ink is then applied to the surface of the woodblock and transferred to paper or canvas. The areas of the wood that are cut away don’t transfer any ink, leaving a pattern. Discover everything from Expressionistic Woodcut Prints to Realistic Woodcut Prints and buy woodcut prints online today.

If you’re looking for woodcut prints made by artists both locally and internationally, our collection includes prints in every subject matter and printing style. Be sure to use our search tool to narrow down your search to the exact type of woodcut print you’re after. All our artworks are chosen by our curators who are committed to curatorial rigour and genuine high-level engagement with artists and collectors.

Not sure where to start? Katsutoshi Yuasha uses his photography as a starting point, from which he then makes woodcut prints. By combining these two processes, he creates textured atmospheric prints of plants, flowers, natural places and landscapes. Katsutoshi is from Tokyo, where he lives and works today.

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    LES DÉSERTEURS by Tsuguharu Foujita


    Prints - 32x26 cm
    The Shepherd by Salvador Dali

    The Shepherd

    Prints - 57x38 cm
    Turning to one point by Barbara Kuebel

    Turning to one point

    Prints - 152x144 cmRent for $200 /mo
    Testing gravity by Barbara Kuebel

    Testing gravity

    Prints - 152x144 cmRent for $200 /mo
    Green bodies by Barbara Kuebel

    Green bodies

    Prints - 152x144 cmRent for $200 /mo
    Binding the parts by Barbara Kuebel

    Binding the parts

    Prints - 152x144 cmRent for $230 /mo
    Changing the Proportions by Barbara Kuebel

    Changing the Proportions

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $230 /mo
    Sans Titre by Hans Hartung

    Sans Titre

    Prints - 86x67 cm
    Beyond talk by Barbara Kuebel

    Beyond talk

    Prints - 152x144 cmRent for $235 /mo
    Friends, Romans, Countrymen... by Mychael Barratt

    Friends, Romans, Countrymen...

    Prints - 63x51 cmRent for $70 /mo

    Carrying a larger idea

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $200 /mo

    Choosing the parts

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $200 /mo

    The thief/ Der Dieb

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $200 /mo

    Taking another viewpoint

    Prints - 152x144 cmRent for $235 /mo

    Sharing one space I

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $230 /mo

    Fake truth

    Prints - 40x30 cm

    Growing into one space

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $230 /mo

    the beautiful people talk

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $235 /mo

    Hommage à Pina Bausch

    Prints - 180x45 cm

    Touching and tasting

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $265 /mo

    The audience/ Die Zuschauer

    Prints - 162x144 cmRent for $230 /mo


    Prints - 105x68 cm


    Prints - 75x56 cm


    Prints - 32x26 cm

    Water Shortage

    Prints - 61x56 cmRent for $80 /mo


    Prints - 35x75 cm

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