Pierre Muckensturm


Born February 20, 1970 in Strasbourg. Pierre Muckesturm lives and works in Colmar. He studied geography from 1989 and then specialized in regional planning at Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg. He participated between 1997 and 2001 in plastic art workshops and will therefore have the opportunity to introduce his first works during collective exhibitions at the Rhénan Center for Contemporary Art in Altkirch (France). Since then he has led an artistic career parallel to his profession as a specialized teacher. From 1997 to 2004, he approached painting by a resolutely figurative work and then met his first collectors. Among them is Antoine Crupi, architect, who orders him for a very large format work and who, later, will introduce him to his culture of design, architecture and will make him discover in addition to the Modulor, a Major work of the architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris: Notre Dame du Haut. It was following his visit in 2004 that he left the figuration and has been applied for the accuracy of the emotion perceived then and, from her, he seeks to create his own universe of benevolence in his painting. . He speaks to do this by large oil paintings; supports of a language of sober and intimate emotions. He supports his research on certainty that, as Julius Bissier could have said: "Calm is greater than the storm". Since 2010, in parallel with his painted work, he has developed a work of engravings, which aims to fix a line/form of flexibility, curvature and a deployment which can most precisely express his new temporal grip.

Selected Works

Triptyque 162R13061 1+2+3 by Pierre Muckensturm

Triptyque 162R13061 1+2+3

Prints - 65x150 cm
XXII 07 010 by Pierre Muckensturm

XXII 07 010

Prints - 38x28 cm
XXII 06 010 by Pierre Muckensturm

XXII 06 010

Prints - 48x38 cm
XXII 41 074 by Pierre Muckensturm

XXII 41 074

Prints - 76x56 cm
XXI 36 110 by Pierre Muckensturm

XXI 36 110

Prints - 76x56 cm
191j24017 by Pierre Muckensturm


Prints - 56x76 cm
XXII 09 028 by Pierre Muckensturm

XXII 09 028

Prints - 42x30 cm
XXII 08 010 by Pierre Muckensturm

XXII 08 010

Prints - 38x28 cm

187p10052 a-i

Paintings - 145x145 cm


Prints - 65x50 cm

18m22122 a+b

Drawings - 59x105 cm

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