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Pia Chang


I have always been fascinated by light. Light has no touching shape. But when the light is filtered through the leaves of the trees, the shape of the light turns into countless rounds on the characters, the surfaces, giving life and movement. One day I was impressed on my walls the reflections of the trees illuminated by the sun's rays. The multiplex of light sparkle, move, gather, disperse and thus give a fairly joyful result, dreamlike as the hatching of light during its fusion with nature. Not only that, When the sun's rays illuminate directly through the foliage of the trees on the surface of the water, the light moves by the undulation of the water, but by the normal view, the shape of the light is not round. The rays of the sun have a life with nature, are reflected according to the seasons, hours of the day reflections on the surface of the water, wall, floor, etc.

Selected Works

Éclosion de la lumière N°8

Drawings - 70x100 cm

Avant ou Après

Prints - 20x20 cm

Elle était une fois…

Prints - 65x50 cm

Grappe de lumière

Prints - 25x25 cm

Contemplation II

Prints - 28x38 cm


Prints - 38x57 cm

Flocons de lumière

Prints - 12x12 cm

Souvenir de ce jour là

Prints - 25x20 cm

La nuit à la frontière

Prints - 65x50 cm

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