Lilla Szekely

Lilla Szekely is an emerging artist who specialises in printmaking.
Lilla uses her prints to explore themes of time, memory, rootlessness and belonging.
If you are after earthy colours and textures, you’ll love Lilla’s work.

Artist Lilla Szekely emigrated to the United States from her birthplace, Hungary, when she was 15-years-old. As a teen emigre student, Lilla found solace in art. Today, the artist turns to printmaking to explore themes of vulnerability, fluidity and rootlessness.

Early Career

Lilla splits her time between the greater Boston area and Providence, Rhode Island, where she recently finished her MFA in Printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design. For her undergraduate studies, Lilla majored in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History at Lesley University College of Art and Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her specialist area is in print and papermaking, a skill that quickly granted her exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Lilla Szekely’s Style

Lilla sees her prints as an act of preservation. She uses her abstract works as a means to explore collective memory and a desire to be understood. With an earthy colour palette and organic textures, Lilla conveys the relationship between nature and belonging, the local and the global, and the insider and outsider gaze. Her abstract expressionist style, delicate and mirage-like, honours how nature and memory are an ever-changing matrix of loss, growth and renewal.

Selected Works

Laszlo's Currency by Lilla Szekely

Laszlo's Currency

Prints - 22x30 cm
Land of Plenty by Lilla Szekely

Land of Plenty

Prints - 22x32 cm
Moonlight by Lilla Szekely


Prints - 22x18 cm
Demolishing the Myth by Lilla Szekely

Demolishing the Myth

Prints - 18x28 cm
Pulpit by Lilla Szekely


Prints - 30x30 cm
Bekescsaba by Lilla Szekely


Prints - 15x20 cm
The Other Side by Lilla Szekely

The Other Side

Prints - 30x20 cm
Home by Lilla Szekely


Prints - 30x22 cm

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