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Franck Oscamou


Franck Oscamou trained at the Beaux-Arts of Aix en Provence. He then explores abstract painting and large format. He discovers the emotional load of painting without identification, the tension of colors and gesture, the relationship of the body and space. Abstraction seems to him to be the most free mode of expression, that which is determined without constraints, the only limit being the physical framework of the support. In the end, he understands that even if abstract art is not figurative, he represents something, a trace charged with his gestures and his breathing. Consequently, it seems to him essential to explore the figuration. Back in his native Pyrenees, his field of research is therefore no longer the representation of the only emotion but also what is played in figurative painting. At this moment the Questions related to the representation of things no longer leave him: how to question? How to find an echo in his contemporaries at a time when the body is overexposed? How to associate painted trace and drawing?

Selected Works

Bord d'eau

Paintings - 100x260 cm

Artémis et Victor

Paintings - 146x170 cm

Zèbre 5

Paintings - 20x20 cm

Zèbre 4

Paintings - 20x20 cm

Zèbre 3

Paintings - 20x20 cm

Zèbre 2

Paintings - 20x20 cm

Zèbre 1

Paintings - 20x20 cm

A la plage

Paintings - 180x154 cm

Une série 1

Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 100x133 cm

Nu rouge 5/50

Prints - 34x26 cm

Nu rouge 4/50

Prints - 34x26 cm


Paintings - 200x200 cm

Lever de soleil

Paintings - 20x40 cm

Plein est

Paintings - 50x100 cm

Le champ

Paintings - 100x130 cm

Au réveil

Paintings - 116x89 cm

Les oiseaux

Paintings - 116x89 cm

Pyrénées symétriques 5

Paintings - 60x80 cm

Pyrénées symétriques 4

Paintings - 60x47 cm

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