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        Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene

        Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene is a Lithuanian painter, printmaker and illustrator.
        Asta conveys our experience of beauty, serenity, mystery, light and darkness on canvas.
        Asta experiments with a variety of techniques and media including oil, acrylic and watercolour, and Chinese ink and printmaking.

        Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene was born in 1973. Asta produces vibrant and highly abstracted paintings that explore our experience of imagery, sound, forms, and colours through paint. Her creative process looks to traverse the pathway between our inner world - feelings, desires and fantasies - and the outer world - situations, encounters, and physical manifestations.

        Training and Early Career

        Asta studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, receiving her BA Honours in Fine Arts in 1998 and her MA in Fine Art in 2000. She continued to create paintings in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, until moving to Luxembourg in 2016. Asta is also a well-known children's books illustrator.

        Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene’s Style and Practice

        For Asta, art is a way to share our feelings, dreams and innate tendencies and translate how we process and digest the world around us. Her paintings, therefore, are physical manifestations of music, movement and life. Nature, in particular, provides Asta with an infinite source of inspiration. She takes to the canvas to convey immensity, beauty, serenity, mystery, light and darkness. Asta uses diverse techniques and mediums, including oil, acrylic, watercolour, Chinese ink and traditional printmaking techniques. With an armoury of exotic colours and mixed media, the artist channels passion and experience through her paintbrush.

        Exhibitions and Collections

        Asta has exhibited in group and solo shows in Lithuania, as well as Luxembourg and Poland. Her work is in numerous private collections around the world. She received the 2020 Individual scholarship, LCC. The artist also offers private tuition and workshops.

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