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Browse lithograph prints for sale. Our collection includes work from lithographers around the world. Begin your search with cityscape, portrait or botanical lithograph prints, available to buy or rent.

Tracey Emin, notorious for her unashamedly self-expressive works of art. Emin uses the medium of lithography in her Believe in Extraordinary. As with many of Emin’s creations, the print blends intimacy and sensitivity with sadness and melancholy. There is an endearing, vulnerable quality found in the soft, sketchy bird figure and in the beautiful quote. And yet, the scarcity of imagery and dark tones used in the print don a sense of suffering.

Pieces by Tracey Emin acquired by Rise Art sell very quickly, so do not hesitate to enquire about her work if you are interested in making a purchase.

Lithograph prints by Takashi Murakami merge classical Japanese fine art with Pop Art tendencies. The printmaking process has been used in And Then And Then And Rust Red which, on the surface, emulates the vibrant style of Warhol. On closer inspection, however, the print appears to be layered with a rusty outercoat, leaving a more mysterious and sinister aftertaste.

Chiho Aoshima imagines surreal dreamscapes where heaven and hell collide. Though there’s something lighthearted about all her cartoon-like pieces, Aoshima plays with fusing natural and supernatural elements. This crafty trickery means in all her pieces, not everything is as it seems.

A Brief Look at Lithography

The story goes that Bavarian dramatist, Alois Senefelder, happened upon the art of lithography in the 1790s by inadvertently realising he could copy his play scripts by using greasy crayon to write on slabs of limestone and then printing them with rolled-on ink.

Lithograph printing, often abbreviated to litho printing, is a printing method where a flat surface is doctored in order to repel ink in any areas where ink is not required. The litho printing process, as Senefelder found out, is done using water and oil, or another greasy substance, as these don’t mix.

Many artists have used the medium of lithography to make incredibly detailed and stylish works of art. Famous lithograph artists include Henri Fuseli and Alphonse Mucha. Fuseli used lithography to create artwork focusing on supernatural subject matter, such as in The Nightmare, during the early 18th century. Mucha, on the other hand, was active during the Art-Nouveau era and is well-known for his distinctly decorative theatrical posters.

A more modern lithograph artist is Andy Warhol, potentially the most famous lithograph artist of the 20th century. Warhol managed to create his pieces at a fast pace and in mass quantities by applying paint to his canvases and then layering a print on top of them.

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