Henri Matisse


Unanimously considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Henri Matisse escapes any classification. He is one of the promoters of fauvism, but, from a color revolt, his art aims to be a reflection on the line, the balance, and the synthesis of the forms. Artist by accident Henri Émile Benoît Matisse, French painter, designer and sculptor, was born on December 31, 1869 to the Cateau-Cambrésis and died on November 3, 1954 in Nice. Voué to become a notary clerk, it was during a long convalescence due to a crisis of appendicitis that Matisse meets painting. He declares: "[…] For me it was the paradise found in which I was completely free, quiet, confident while I was always a little anxious, bored and worried in The different things that I was done. "Painted his first painting in 1890, at the age of 21. Two years later, the artist went to Paris to study at the School of Fine Arts, within the workshop of Gustave Moreau. Looking for simplicity & nbsp; from his first lessons with Moreau, Matisse launched himself In an insatiable quest for simplicity, both aesthetic and philosophical. All of his career, the same themes are essential: open windows, indolent women ... A completely antithetic laziness of its creator and, above all, pretext for prospecting of the artistic field. "The work heals everything" said Matisse. & Nbsp; the work of the painter, of an apparent simplicity, "this bright fruit of light" loved by Apollinaire, arises from a hard work, which always seeks to testify to the 'unspeakable feeling, one of his last paintings of which carries the title: the inhabited silence of the houses.

Selected Works

JAZZ - Le Cirque by Henri Matisse

JAZZ - Le Cirque

Prints - 59x85 cm
Dessin lithographique original (4) by Henri Matisse
Dessin lithographique original (3) by Henri Matisse
La Corde à Sauter by Henri Matisse

La Corde à Sauter

Prints - 69x49 cm
La Tristesse du Roi by Henri Matisse

La Tristesse du Roi

Prints - 33x43 cm
Fleurs de Neige by Henri Matisse

Fleurs de Neige

Prints - 43x33 cm
Nu bleu aux bas verts by Henri Matisse

Nu bleu aux bas verts

Prints - 69x49 cm
Nu bleu sur fond jaune by Henri Matisse

Nu bleu sur fond jaune

Prints - 69x49 cm
Nu de dos by Henri Matisse

Nu de dos

Prints - 48x34 cm
Souvenir d'Océanie by Henri Matisse

Souvenir d'Océanie

Prints - 43x33 cm

Nuit de Noël

Prints - 48x34 cm

Nu aux oranges

Prints - 48x34 cm

La chevelure

Prints - 69x49 cm


Prints - 34x48 cm

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