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Dive into a world of bright colours and brisk as you browse our selection of Abstract-Expressionism prints for sale. Emerging in a climate of post-Second World War anxiety and trauma, Abstract Expressionism was a movement that saw artists breaking conventions with broad brushstrokes and drip patterns to create exciting pieces. If you’re interested in buying Abstract-Expressionism prints, you’ve come to the right place. For inspiration, why not take a look at our Abstract Expressionism Photography, Abstract Expressionism Paintings or Abstract Expressionism Collage.

Looking to get your hands on some Abstract-Expressionism prints? Whether you’re just starting out or already know the ropes of the art collecting world, we’re here to help. Use our handy search filters to narrow down artworks by genre, medium and more to select the perfect artwork for you.

Victoria Horkan is a British artist working with oil paints and a variety of other materials to create interesting textured pieces, and you can find prints of her work right here. Her pieces have a bold and vibrant style, with a symphony of different colours blending together.

Abstract Expressionism is a broad genre that can be roughly categorised by two styles: colour field painting and action painting. The original Abstract Expressionist movement was pioneered in the 1940s and 50s by painters such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. In general, these paintings employ a spontaneous style characterised by sweeping brushstrokes, inviting the viewer to consider the artist’s process.

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      Peacock Jump

      Prints - 70x70cm

      The Harpist

      Prints - 76x76cm

      Lola's Hypnosis

      Prints - 75x75cm

      The Host- Part 1

      Prints - 76x76cmRent for $ 70/mo

      Plot Red

      Prints - 60x60cm

      rouge perpetuel

      Prints - 40x30cm


      Prints - 27x26cmRent for $ 38/mo

      KoRo (filter07P01-01) Edition2-10 black

      Prints - 29x37cmRent for $ 41/mo

      KoRo filter 07 p01-06 white edition 6-10

      Prints - 25x30cmRent for $ 41/mo


      Prints - 40x30cm