Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson takes inspiration from work by J. M. W. Turner, Cy Twombly, Rothko and Anselm Kiefer.
Alison's works are known for playing with alternative textures and light to create a sense of movement and emotion.
Alison's beautiful paintings explore themes such as the ephemera, the natural world and fragility.

Alison Johnson creates seascape paintings which explore the ephemerality of the natural world. A blend of fine art, impressionism and a touch of surrealism, Alison’s spellbinding oil paintings provoke awe and contemplation at once. Through art, she expresses that which is inexpressible through words.

Alison’s Education and Early Career

Alison trained as a nurse before pursuing her passion for art. The response to her early works was tremendous and has paved the way for an enviable career in the arts. She delicately handles the worlds that she creates, fabricating new and enticing atmospheres which never fail to leave a hypnotically lasting impression on observers.

Style and Practice

There is something about J. M. W. Turner’s work in Alison’s paintings but with a modernised twist. Alison’s highly evocative land and seascape paintings such as the impressionistic Delicate One, oil on canvas, play with light and alternative textures, suggestive of movement and emotion. The moody colour palettes, embellished with splashes of sparkling white light such as seen in Let Loose, create a lively sense of atmosphere.

Collections and Exhibitions

Alison has enjoyed international recognition for her paintings with exhibitions across Europe, the US and the Middle East. The artist has been commissioned by high profile clients such as the Prince of Arabia and London’s Waldorf Hotel. She has also been featured in top publications like GQ.

Selected Works

Symbiosis by Alison Johnson


Prints - 80x80 cm
Swell by Alison Johnson


Prints - 60x60 cm
Scarfell by Alison Johnson


Prints - 60x90 cm
Snowdon by Alison Johnson


Prints - 76x76 cm
Ben Nevis by Alison Johnson

Ben Nevis

Prints - 60x90 cm
Baltic  by Alison Johnson


Prints - 60x60 cm
Autumn Wander by Alison Johnson

Autumn Wander

Paintings - 80x80 cm
Catch My Breath by Alison Johnson

Catch My Breath

Paintings - 60x60 cm
Bamburgh Castle  by Alison Johnson

Bamburgh Castle

Prints - 90x90 cm
Glow comfort by Alison Johnson

Glow comfort

Prints - 90x90 cm


Prints - 60x60 cm

Rose Garden

Prints - 91x61 cm

Walk on by

Prints - 90x60 cm


Prints - 60x60 cm

Throwing Petals

Paintings - 76x76 cm

Night Shade

Paintings - 76x76 cm


Prints - 60x60 cm

Winter's Feast

Prints - 60x60 cm

Nature's Force

Prints - 80x80 cm


Prints - 100x100 cm

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