Xiaoyang Galas


Xiaoyang Galas is a Chinese artist living and working in France. His works are present in private and public collections around the world. In his paintings, Xiaoyang Galas seeks to bring the east and the West by mixing technical and calligraphy. When writing is at the service of the texture The Xiaoyang Galas technique is the fruit of a mixture between acrylic, oil, tissue collages, papers, and various other textures. The whole thing gives an impression of a jumble. The artist also uses writing: Chinese, French and English characters, and the lyrics used in the Bible. His design: transmit peace and love through his paintings Xiaoyang Galas artistically expresses the only hope of transmitting a message of peace and love. His gift is to magnify what is essential in life. "There is so much darkness and sadness in this world, I no longer want to paint the dark side. I would like my art to contribute to the beauty of this world ... that he brings warmth to the hearts of men ... let him be a message of peace and love ... For me, life is a journey with a goal, Art is a game with meaning. "

Selected Works

Prayer XVI - impression d'art by Xiaoyang Galas
AMOUR III - impression d'art by Xiaoyang Galas
AMOUR IV by Xiaoyang Galas


Paintings - 35x35 cm
Prayer XXIII by Xiaoyang Galas

Prayer XXIII

Paintings - 40x30 cm
Prayer XXII by Xiaoyang Galas

Prayer XXII

Paintings - 40x30 cm
A joyful world by Xiaoyang Galas

A joyful world

Paintings - 50x100 cm
Calling - Impression d'art by Xiaoyang Galas


Paintings - 35x35 cm


Paintings - 35x35 cm


Paintings - 35x35 cm


Paintings - 35x35 cm

Blue prayer

Paintings - 73x60 cm

Love majorelle

Paintings - 35x35 cm


Paintings - 40x40 cm

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