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      Chiho Aoshima

      Chiho Aoshima began creating art in Murakami's factory with no formal training.
      Chiho's largest image yet measured 32.5m x 4.8m - and her career is set to grow just as big.
      Contemporary Japanese pop art is a great future investment

      Chiho Aoshima is a contemporary Japanese pop artist who creates surreal digital dreamscapes. She is a key member of the Kaikai Kiki collective in Japan, which is run by world-famous artist Takashi Murakami. Chiho’s surreal scenes are colourful and cartoon-like, though her subject matter is often dark and disturbing. We love this artist’s funky fusion of natural and supernatural elements - look out for demons, ghosts and skull motifs in her dreamy landscapes.

      Chiho studied Economics at Hosei University in Tokyo. She has no formal art training, but gained valuable experience working under Takashi Murakami.

      The artist has exhibited her work internationally, enjoying solo shows in the US, Spain, France and the UK. Her prints have also appeared on the walls of the subway in New York City.

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