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        Reed Hearne is an American artist. Photography is his primary tool; but instead of freezing a recognized subject for posterity, he creates a new moment out of the visual components of what his camera captures. His visuals are colorful and dynamic; some are dominated by pattern, some by geometry, and others by texture. Though some of his images are extremely manipulated through a complex process developed over years of trial and error, the final work can only result from his own photography. Reed’s collection at Rise Art is diverse and has much to offer collectors seeking powerful contemporary photographic prints.

        Reed has received many international awards including Honorable Mentions at the Tokyo and Moscow International Foto Awards as well as a Silver Medal in Moscow. He was a Top 20 Finalist at FOCUS PhotoLA in Los Angeles and in New York City in 2019.

        In 2020 Reed's work was chosen to be part of "The Shadow Aspect" International Juried Exhibition at The Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In that gallery's following exhibition, "The Still Life" his piece "Smokestacks" was awarded the top prize, Juror's Choice. Most recently in 2022, his photograph "Heading Home" won First Place in NYC4PA's International Juried Exhibition Decay Rust and Corrosion.

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