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      Georgia Peskett is a British oil painter known for her urban landscapes and portraits of city dwellers.
      Georgia reconstructs glimpses of contemporary life caught on camera, breathing new life into previously mundane moments.
      Georgia exhibits her work worldwide, enjoying showcases at the Royal Academy in London and Artrooms in Seoul.

      Discovered by the late art dealer Guillaume Gallozzi, British oil painter Georgia Peskett has enjoyed international acclaim for her edgy urban landscapes and portraits of city dwellers.The artist breathes new life into mundane moments and buildings and streets of a bygone age, beautifying previously unremarkable city scenes. Georgia attended Epsom School of Art and Design before becoming an apprentice in New York in the 1980s, a period which spurred her fascination in the metropolis.

      Georgia Peskett’s Artistic Practice

      Georgia’s architectural studies are often inspired by photographs. The artist reconstructs glimpses of contemporary life caught on camera in a semi-realistic style. Working primarily with oil paints as well as experimenting with wax and primed silk, Georgia reimagines the familiar and the ‘sojourn’. With a flick of her paintbrush, Georgia transforms dreary locations from unattractive stopgaps into colourful and eye-catching imagery. Her figurative works such as Commuter (Man in Black Coat) and Vacant Offices, Victoria explore ideas around the ubiquitous façade and the question of identity in contemporary society.

      Exhibitions & Press

      Georgia exhibits her canvases at solo and group exhibitions across the globe. Her work resides in numerous private and public collections in the UK, the US, Hong Kong, Australia, Norway and beyond. The artist has also showcased her craft in institutions such as the Royal Academy (London), Artrooms (Seoul) and Harley Open Biennale Exhibition (Nottinghamshire). In 2018, Georgia was selected for the Columbia Threadneedle Prize. Her work has also been featured in The Guardian and on the BBC.

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