Tommy Clarke was named International Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2015.
Tommy's photographs have been featured in major publications such as Conde Nast Traveler and GQ.
Tommy shoots his aerial photography from a few thousand feet up, hanging out the side of helicopters.

He may have grown up on the South coast of England, but these days Tommy Clarke spends his time travelling the world in search of the perfect aerial shot. His photography takes on a new viewpoint and depicts everything from a top-down perspective, abstracting the subject and creating thought-provoking pieces of art. Rather than simply depicting beaches and buildings, these photographs lose their sense of realism to become expressive shapes and colours. Many of Tommy’s pieces may be considered Seascape Photography, but he also takes on a number of different subjects, including Cityscape Photography and more.

Tommy Clarke’s Career

Tommy never studied photography at university – in fact he studied Sport Science. However, this didn’t stop him from achieving international success with his aerial photography, which all started with his first shoot over the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney. Since then, he’s shot out of helicopters and aircrafts in locations all over the world, in locations such as San Francisco, the Canary Islands and Cornwall. His excellent eye and unique perspective have earned him awards such as the International Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2015 and the Be Smart About Art Award in 2015.

Exhibitions and Publications

Tommy Clarke’s Landscape Photographs have been exhibited across the country, including a solo show at Ship to Shore in London and the Affordable Art Fair. He’s also been showcased in important publications like Conde Nast Traveler and GQ.

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