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Geometric Photography For Sale

Discover our collection of geometric painting for sale in our online contemporary art gallery. Why not start by exploring our urban or architectural subject matters to find the perfect piece for your home or workplace?

Reed Hearne is an American artist who uses the technique of tilting camera angles in his geometric architectural photographs. By cropping his images and angling the camera, he turns architectural form into abstract patterns.

History of Geometric Art

Geometry is the study of shapes. Within art it considers the positioning of figures and properties of space. This mathematical relationship with form became popular with early 20th-century avant-garde artists, who were moving away from realism towards abstraction. Geometric artists generally created compositions from non-objective forms such as squares, lines or circles.

Non-objective form interested photographers as they could manipulate light or exposure to visually emphasise bold shapes, lines and patterns. This technique often leant itself to the photography of architecture as it was an easy subject to capture and small sections could be isolated, creating abstracted and surreal imagery.

Geometric Architectural Photography

Early 20th-century Modernist architecture especially fascinated geometric photographers as it focused on functionality, clean lines and new building materials, such as steel, glass and concrete.

Jaromír Funke was a prominent Czech Modernist who applied a ‘New Vision’ style of photography to architecture. By tilting the camera Funke produced vertiginous views of buildings which abstracted their form.

Find out more in our Guide To Photography.

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    Photography - 61x46 cm

    From Rubik to Kubrick

    Photography - 70x70 cm

    EBB & FLOW I - Linen

    Photography - 94x81 cm


    Photography - 103x76 cm

    Gold Dive

    Photography - 120x120 cm

    Autumn Sonata

    Photography - 70x70 cm

    Impulse 1.1

    Photography - 86x81 cm


    Photography - 61x46 cm

    Variations in Orange & Blue

    Photography - 59x61 cm

    Untitled (Blue Light) IV

    Photography - 60x120 cmRent for $165 /mo


    Photography - 61x46 cm

    Celestial Vision

    Photography - 70x70 cm

    Altitudes 4

    Photography - 50x50 cm


    Photography - 103x76 cm

    Lula au bain

    Photography - 80x80 cm

    Paradise of Reflections

    Photography - 70x70 cm


    Photography - 75x50 cm


    Photography - 75x50 cm

    Ce qu'il reste de nous

    Photography - 50x50 cm


    Photography - 24x36 cm

    Inside 0386

    Photography - 105x70 cm

    Amphibolographie n°6 / small

    Photography - 30x30 cm

    Belle encre noire 4651

    Photography - 105x70 cm

    Walk in LA

    Photography - 40x40 cm

    Reflecting landscape 05

    Photography - 92x42 cm

    Sur les rails - delhi

    Photography - 90x60 cm