Chris Calvet


French visual artist born in 1979. Very early passionate about artistic creation. Nature and the elements (materials, lights, colors, shapes, etc.) gave it a taste for discovery and adventure, this open -mindedness on the world defines its current work. Discovery of art craftsmanship at her lifelong friend Lyseth, together they meet Hassan Massoudy and collaborate in the creation of engravings on plaque, from the age of 19 years. The adventure, during long trips to China in particular, open up to it perspectives towards what today is obvious, calligraphy. Noticed by Starter Gallery, he will have the opportunity in 2015 to spend several weeks in residence in one of the most important museums in Chengdu (city of 14 million inhabitants) to exhibit in three Chengdu museums and experience his technique with great international artists like Xuliaoyuan, Qiu Guangping… Always open to the world, his approach is simple, daily work allows learning and mastery of gesture, which he works hard with his teacher Alexandra Laneve. This is how the series "Signs" was born which earned him international recognition today. Find the interview with Chris Calvet on Kazoart's blog!

Selected Works

Imagination 4-1902 by Chris Calvet

Imagination 4-1902

Photography - 105x70 cm
Le Parfum 9844 by Chris Calvet

Le Parfum 9844

Photography - 120x80 cm
Imagination 9-2289 by Chris Calvet

Imagination 9-2289

Photography - 120x80 cm
Central 0134 by Chris Calvet

Central 0134

Photography - 130x68 cm
Central 0357 by Chris Calvet

Central 0357

Photography - 105x70 cm
L'Air 4235 by Chris Calvet

L'Air 4235

Photography - 105x70 cm
L'Air 4215 by Chris Calvet

L'Air 4215

Photography - 120x80 cm
Divin 8660 by Chris Calvet

Divin 8660

Photography - 165x110 cm
Divin 8241 by Chris Calvet

Divin 8241

Photography - 120x80 cm
Le Tigre 7953 by Chris Calvet

Le Tigre 7953

Photography - 165x110 cm

Le Bourgeon 4608

Prints - 120x80 cm

Le cœur pur 0383

Photography - 105x70 cm

Imagination 1-2896

Photography - 90x60 cm

Amour bbr 1-7637

Photography - 115x60 cm

Zen 0803

Photography - 165x110 cm

Belle encre noire 4647

Photography - 45x30 cm

Pétale de fleur qui tombe 7125

Photography - 45x30 cm

L'air 1765

Photography - 90x60 cm

Amour 7648

Photography - 90x60 cm

Grand espace 0058

Photography - 90x60 cm

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