Kimberly Poppe

Kimberly Poppe creates art that gives people's minds the space to rest.
A long-term student of Tibetan Buddhism and a meditation teacher as well as a photographer, Kimberly's work has been greatly influenced and inspired by The Practice of Contemplative Photography by Andy Karr and Michael Wood.
Kimberly's photography takes her all over the world

Originally from Boston, USA, Kimberly Poppe works internationally from her base in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Poppe’s photographic practice is led by a deeply contemplative approach to experiencing and seeing the world. Her highly refined compositions are created through a process of visual openness and joy through instinctive attraction to colour, texture, light and coincidence.

As an artist, Poppe is motivated to show the extraordinary in the ordinary, an approach that is influenced by her two decades’ study of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Her consideration of perception, compassion and the mind, from spiritual and scientific perspectives, marries with her photographic method. The camera stays with her as she travels, recording what she encounters, pausing to reflect the detail of her experiences and transmit that moment of seeing to the viewer.

Poppe’s images can be found in private collections around the world. Current and recent projects include Everyday Delight, a series of incisive photographs of punchy colour field compositions and sensual surfaces, exhibited at Free Project Space in London and featured in the Guardian; and a large-scale commission for Brittany Ferries as the featured artist on their three new ships that will travel between the UK and Spain—the Galicia, the Salamanca & the Santoña.

Selected Works

Bamboo by Kimberly Poppe


Photography - 80x100 cm
Beach Huts by Kimberly Poppe

Beach Huts

Photography - 80x100 cm
California Dreamin' by Kimberly Poppe

California Dreamin'

Photography - 80x120 cm
Blue & Yellow by Kimberly Poppe

Blue & Yellow

Photography - 80x120 cm
Sandbar by Kimberly Poppe


Photography - 50x75 cm
Pool by Kimberly Poppe


Photography - 30x45 cm
Surfer by Kimberly Poppe


Photography - 40x60 cm
Spontaneous Handstand by Kimberly Poppe

Spontaneous Handstand

Photography - 40x60 cm
Vast Expanse by Kimberly Poppe

Vast Expanse

Photography - 40x60 cm
Court by Kimberly Poppe


Photography - 30x45 cm


Photography - 30x45 cm

Remains of the Day

Photography - 80x120 cm

The Sea, The Sea

Photography - 80x120 cm

Into The Blue

Photography - 80x120 cm


Photography - 80x120 cm


Photography - 82x122 cm

In the Gloaming

Photography - 80x120 cm


Photography - 80x120 cm

The Bridge

Photography - 80x120 cm


Photography - 80x120 cm

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