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        Abstract Photographers

        Discover Abstract Photographers. Our growing collection includes some of the best contemporary artists working with Abstract Photography today.

        British artist Paris Ackrill is a perfect example of the exciting world of abstract photography. Her work is at times figurative, but she also works with Landscape Photography to intriguing effect, playing with colour and form to conceal the reality of her subjects. What appears at first to be patterns and lines in fact turns out to be a rock formation, or two subjects may be layered over one another as in Mountain Wave. We love the way in which she celebrates the beauty of nature, exploring the almost spiritual connection we have to the landscapes that surround us.

        Contemporary photography Tommy Clarke also demonstrates the way in which natural forms may be abstracted in the field of photography. Shooting from a few thousand feet up, Tommy’s aerial photography focuses largely on Seascapes, but he also deals with a variety of different subjects including human structures such as tennis courts and shipping containers. The effect of abstraction is quite remarkable in his photography, and the landscapes are reduced to colours, forms and shapes that appear straight out of a Rothko canvas.

        If Portrait Photography is more your thing, then take a look at Yannis Guibinga, a young photographer from Gabon who currently works from Montréal. The artist aims to examine topics relating to his home continent, exploring and celebrating the diversity in African identities. His subjects pose in front of colourful backdrops or behind screens and glass, abstracting their appearance to forms and lines that are equally expressive as traditional portraits.

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          Paul Brouns

          B. 1967

          Piper Olivas

          United States
          B. 1997

          Sven Pfrommer

          B. 1965