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Igor B. GLIK


Particularly attached to the aesthetics and the construction of his works, Igor B.Glik is first of all a painter in the soul. But photography has gradually taken a place in his work, not least, since he now exposes his shots. The woman and the still lifes look good in his works, since he magnifies them with a completely singular elegance.

Selected Works

春阳 au coquillage

Photography - 26x38 cm

Tourmentée 2

Photography - 42x38 cm


Photography - 38x38 cm


Photography - 54x83 cm

Making of 1

Photography - 30x30 cm


Photography - 54x35 cm

Jeune fille au foulard vert

Photography - 54x54 cm

Jeu d'ombres

Photography - 53x64 cm

Odalisque II

Photography - 33x33 cm

Odalisque I

Photography - 33x35 cm

The mood for love III

Photography - 27x35 cm

Idéogramme 3

Photography - 27x20 cm


Photography - 35x58 cm


Photography - 38x38 cm

Attirance II

Photography - 84x44 cm

Attirance I

Photography - 84x44 cm

Petit bouquet sec n°3

Photography - 54x44 cm


Photography - 27x27 cm

Dans le jardin des hespérides II

Photography - 60x60 cm

Dans le jardin des hespérides I

Photography - 60x60 cm

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